Frequently Asked Questions:

What sets the Madcow brand apart from the other numerous brands out there?

MadcoW is family owned and ran here in the USA. We design all models here in house, and are working towards the ultimate goal of bringing back more American jobs & manufacturing here in the USA. Every item is guaranteed to be handmade, limited Quantity, unique and of the utmost quality.

How do I buy your MadcoW products? 

     You can buy them right here on our fully operational online store, or your local retailers.

I am curious about carrying your brand in my shop or online store. Do you sell wholesale?

     Yes we sure do!  Just go to our contact page, fill out the form and will get right back to you with all the information you will need to become an authorized MadcoW dealer.

Is it true that every item is limited to just 250 pieces and then retired?

     Yes we like to keep our inventory up to date and hip, and not rehash the same styles season after season. Every MadcoW item is limited to a quantity of only 250 pieces and is then retired forever. We find that this makes each item that much more special and unique!

What is your warranty policy?

     All MadcoW items have a limited 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects.

How can I make sure my Madcow brand is not a counterfeit or knockoff?

     Until we have our full online store up and running, the best way is to just check with us. If you have not bought directly from, or an authorized dealer it could void the warranty. If you are unsure about a specific sellers selling MadcoW, emails and will verify if the seller is authorized or not. Future models starting this fall will all be signed and numbered, but until then just email us.