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You are looking at on one of the highest quality hand made Designer leather cases made today. No this item is not a mass produced case made by some big name designer in NY making his products in China. This case is hand crafted by us here at MadcoW Each case takes approx 2 -3 days to build & paint by hand from start to finish.

It is made entirely out or high grade supple Argentina cowhide and has a fully functional sleep wake magnetic cover.
The inside is all synthetic nubuck lined and the outside leather is meticulously hand painted. It has a flip stand, Velcro closing inner leather sleeve & leathe stylus holder on top. This case fits Ipads v. 2,3 & 4.

The truly unique thing about this Ipad beside all the above and being 100% hand painted is its wraparound panoramic continuous image that expands from the front to the back of the cover in one contiuous piece of art!

We at MadcoW only produce unique leather goods of the very highest caliber and this case is of no exception. All of our items are limited strictly to just 250 pieces, and then they are retired forever and replaced with a new style. If you are looking for a quality hand painted leather Ipad case that is not mass produced and will be far beyond your expectations, then this case is for you.


Price: 59.99